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The activity of pairing food with drink has been long considered an art form. With the prolific rise of of the craft brewery scene in Colorado, a certain degree of sophistication is now being applied to pairing food with beer. If you haven’t devoted your life to uncovering the nuanced secrets of this activity, the prospect of doing so can seem a bit daunting. Allow us to help demystify pairing food with drink as it applies to beer.

1. Balance the strengths. Mirror the body of the beer with that of the food. Delicate dishes like lean poultry, salads, or seafoods work best with delicate beers like a pilsner or a kolsch. Whereas strongly-flavored foods, like roasted meats or pastas, demand more assertive, robust beers such as stouts or porters.

2. Identify harmonies. Combinations often work best when some common flavors or aromas are shared. Identifying the complementary ingredients will help contribute to the harmonies between the food and the beer.

3. Contrast the pairings. Conversely, a pairing of uncommon ingredients between the food and beer can produce a complementary, enhancing finish. Contrasting pairings excel when the dish you are considering has a singular, dominant flavor or texture attribute.

At Fire and Vine, we have meticulously considered every last detail to ensure your dining experience is exceptional. And yes, this absolutely includes the beers we have decided to tap. Some of our favorite pairings are as follows:

  • Barmen Pilsner paired with Salmon Tacos
  • Avery White Rascal paired with Spicy Citrus Honey Glazed Chicken Wings
  • Holidaily Brewing Fat Randy’s Gluten Free IPA paired with Gluten Free Classic Pizza
  • Fat Tire paired with Beef Short Ribs
  • Denver Beer Company Graham Cracker Porter paired with Fettuccine Poblano

While these are our suggestions, at the end of the day, it boils down to personal preference. Our biggest recommendation is to experiment, have fun, and follow your nose and palate!

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Unfortunately, our walk-in cooler went down on Saturday (6-17-17) night. We had to toss all stocked food. Due to this unexpected problem, we will be closed Monday, June 19th for Lunch and Dinner and Tuesday, June 20th for Lunch.

We will reopen for Dinner on Tuesday, June 20th.

Thanks for your patience, see you all soon!




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