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As an Italian restaurant, we pride ourselves on the quality and taste of our food. What most tend to forget is that it’s not just the end product of the dish, but rather, how it’s made.

We have our own special recipes and the little things that make Abrusci’s, well, Abrusci’s. But now, we have a new addition to the family for how things get done. We introduce our new Pizza oven!

The Forno Bravo Modena 2G pizza oven is 72”wide and 80” long, and did we mention we are building the new restaurant Fire & Vine around it?

Running at 750 degrees, we will be cooking your favorite specialty pizzas in JUST TWO MINUTES. We’re so excited for the new oven that we created an all new section of the menu featuring a variety of wood-fired pizzas and cast-iron dishes.


The secret is in six steps to Pizza perfection.

1. Massive Interlocking Dome.

Locking in all the flavor and heat, the 4” cast dome delivers the high-intensity heat which is perfect for baking and not to mention durability.

2. Integral Vent. 

It’s gettin’ hot in here. So let’s get rid of all of this smoke. The “true vent” helps with less smoke and with a direct connect Chimney, it helps this high heat stay under control.

3. Perfect Opening Size

Just the right fit. There is a 22” oven opening that is the perfect size for placing/removing pizza, baking sheets and skillets while still being able to retain the heat.

4. Flexible Oven Opening Arch. 

It’s not just a pretty face we’ll tell you that much. With the brick, stone and tile, it not only helps to keep the heat inside, but making sure your pizza stays in tact.

5. Large Baking Tile Floor.

What better way to cook pizza’s.. than on the floor. With floor tiles inside the oven, it has been found to have fewer seams, which will hold heat better and are more durable.

6. 100% Ceramic Floor Insulation. 

The high-density insulation makes sure that no heat disappears through the bottom of the oven. (Here’s where the tiles come in). With this being more than twice as efficient as other cast ovens, we ensure you to have the BEST pizza possible.

Who’s ready for a slice?



Unfortunately, our walk-in cooler went down on Saturday (6-17-17) night. We had to toss all stocked food. Due to this unexpected problem, we will be closed Monday, June 19th for Lunch and Dinner and Tuesday, June 20th for Lunch.

We will reopen for Dinner on Tuesday, June 20th.

Thanks for your patience, see you all soon!




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