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Change is hard…. You do not have to tell us! Our industry has been arguably one of the hardest hit during this pandemic and we have been forced to change some aspect of our business almost daily since March 16th.  So yes, we know, change is hard!  But we also know that we have an amazing and loyal following that has been here to keep us going these last few months and we are eternally grateful. You are more than just customers, you are family, and because of that, we feel we can address some key issues that have come up since our re-opening for dine-in. We realize that many have no need to read through the boring list of mandates that the State of Colorado put on restaurants to reopen.  But due to the number of questions we have had over the past few days, we thought we would take a moment to highlight just a few that seem to cause the most struggle for patrons.


Require gloves or frequent handwashing. Encourage frequent breaks to wash hands (at least every 30 minutes) including upon arrival and departure. Those of us in the restaurant business were washing our hands since before handwashing was cool. Now, with COVID we are even more cognizant of it. If we were not, we would be potentially exposing all of you and ourselves to the virus, so of course, we are washing our hands! Most shifts we feel like we spend our entire shift at the hand sink. We understand that as a society we have been made to question everything when it comes to hygiene practices but we all must take responsibility for what we are comfortable in doing. If you are not comfortable with your server bringing you a wrapped straw without making an off-handed comment on where their hands have been, then you might not be ready to go out. That is OK, we understand, and for this reason, we have continued to expand our to-go services. 

Require employees to wear face coverings while in the establishment. Please do not make assumptions on our political views or call us names for following the laws put forth for us to do our jobs. The bottom line here, we cannot stay open and serve you if we do not have one on, so please do not bother us about it. It is hot, it is cumbersome, and it is painful by the end of the day so believe us when we tell you, we do not want to be wearing them.  


Limit party size to 8 people or fewer. Please do not make a reservation for 8 and show up with 10 thinking we will squeeze them in. It just makes it awkward for everyone when you must choose which two don’t get to stay.

-Keep parties together, do not allow them to mingle with each other. We get it, you haven’t seen your neighbors in months and want to chat with them when you see them across the room….our suggestion, make a reservation to come in TOGETHER next time (as long as there is less than 8 of you, of course).

-Patrons in different parties must be a minimum of 6 ft apart.  The spacing of tables may need to be 6 feet or more to ensure proper physical distancing between diners from different parties. Therefore, we cannot allow you to move furniture. No, you cannot pull this table over here and that chair over there. We promise if you do it, you will not be 6 feet from another party. Believe us when we say, we have tried every configuration under the sun to get to the best social distancing layout.

-Waiting parties must not congregate in entrance areas and should wait in their cars or off-premises until seating is available. Of course, we wish we could serve you a cocktail or appetizer while you wait…obviously, sales keep us in business, but losing our liquor license does not, so we just cannot risk it.  

We know that it’s not the intention of anyone to be disrespectful or rude, so we wanted to make sure to take the time to educate our guests on the limitations that have been put in place for us. This will hopefully lead to some understanding and grace shown to our staff. What can you do going forward?  1) Manage your expectations by not expecting things to be the same, just as they are not the same anywhere else you go.   2) Keep your political beliefs as it pertains to the pandemic to yourself and/or your friends as your server does not need to be included. 3) Don’t ask to be the exception to the rules. 4) Be Kind! 

We do so appreciate you taking the time to understand our limitations and sincerely hope that we can navigate this current “normal” together in the coming days and weeks. 


Unfortunately, our walk-in cooler went down on Saturday (6-17-17) night. We had to toss all stocked food. Due to this unexpected problem, we will be closed Monday, June 19th for Lunch and Dinner and Tuesday, June 20th for Lunch.

We will reopen for Dinner on Tuesday, June 20th.

Thanks for your patience, see you all soon!




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